LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool used to evaluate the potential environmental impact of a product, process or activity throughout its entire life cycle by quantifying the use of resources ("inputs" such as energy, raw materials, water) and environmental emissions ("outputs" to air, water and soil) associated with the system that is being evaluated.

Why Conduct LCA: Life Cycle Assessment seeks to increase efficiency. And because it takes into account every phase in the lifetime of a product, apparent improvements that only shift the problem around are recognized and can be avoided

Environment Impact assessment and Foot printing

Your Requirements

Understand the environmental impacts of your operations, products, services or technology. Identify and implement ways of improving your environmental footprint. Communicate on the benefits of your environmental impact measurement programs and/or respond to requests for information on your carbon or water footprint.

Our Proposition

Robust LCA, LCC, carbon and water foot printing delivered by the leading experts in the field. An approach crafted to meet your goals and guide your decisions and that is adapted to your budget. Supply chain solutions to effectively manage the LCA needs.

Our Added Value

Global PCCS experts lead the global environmental assessment methodology debate and definitions. Our multi-sectorial experience with corporate clients is an advantage to your business when collaborating to meet your objectives.

LCA Research

Your Needs

Develop and implement solid methodologies and processes for:
  •  Collecting inventory data.
  •  Measuring environmental impacts.
  •  Streamlining life cycle assessment.
  •  Understand the latest advancements in these areas or develop new solutions if needed.

Our Proposition

Review and determine the most efficient methodologies and processes to deliver an adapted LCA research solution. Conduct innovative and time and resource efficient LCA research projects. Support the disseminating of results at conferences or in scientific journals

Our Added Value

Our team includes some of the world’s leading LCA scientists, whose research is published in industry journals. We collaborate with the top LCA research institutes and with the leading database providers.

Life Cycle Inventory Data

Your Needs

Life cycle inventory (LCI) data that:
Provides new insights on the environmental impacts in your sector, Simplifies LCA calculation while increasing the quality of your results, Meets ILCD and ISO 14040 standards, Integrates seamlessly into any LCA tool Support to develop LCI data due to lack of capacity or expertise .

Our Proposition

Analysis of the availability and quality of existing LCI data in your sector Develop new sectorial LCI databases according to international quality standards Manage, update and improve your internal LCI database.

Our Added Value

Years of experience with LCI modeling with the available database, the global source for transparent environmental footprint data.

Measure Performance

Leading companies in the sustainability arena are adopting a life cycle approach to measure their environmental performance. Based on the ISO 14040/44 standards, LCA consists of four steps: goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, impact assessment and interpretation. Several International standards and labelling schemes use LCA as their framework.
  •  Product Environmental Footprint
  •  Carbon Footprint
  •  Social Footprint
  •  Water Footprint
  •  Corporate Footprint
Test Data
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